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FOR: Teachers and School managers

Register My School

Use this to register your online school on our platform. You will need to decide the following beforehand:

  • Name of your school (keep it short).
  • If you wish to allow students to join your school from anywhere in Fiji, then you will need to make the school PUBLIC.
  • What mVuli subjects and how many subscriptions you wish to start with. You can always add more courses¬†

FOR: Teachers and School managers

Add Courses to My School

Use this to add courses to your school with bulk discounts. Make sure to correctly select your school registered earlier.

FOR: Students

Course Enrolment

Use Course Enrolment to enrol into a course in a school of your choice.

If your school is not already registered on mVuli Academy, then you may join in the SARADA ACADEMY which is open to all students in Fiji.