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A good education is the best gift you can give to your children. It will determine their future. mVuli Academy empowers you to be become personally and actively involved in their education.

Give them the best curriculum and online social learning tools to enhance their learning experience to the next level. Make learning to be fun, easy, collaborative, innovative and engaging to bring out the best in your children. Closely follow their learning process and challenges and support them.

mVuli Academy offers these and much more!

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Your Child’s Education. Our Mission.

World-class Online Education for Fiji​

Everyone learns differently. We believe that:

  1. Students should have the freedom to learn at their own comfortable pace;
  2. Learning should be fun;
  3. Students coming out high school should have the preparation to take up any course in any university.

mVuli Academy aims to help you with these and much more!


Normally parents are informed about the progress of child’s education only through school report cards at the end of term or final exams. The reports give only a summary of grades or percentage marks obtained in examinations in various subjects. As such parents have very little idea about the academic strengths and weaknesses of their children such as which topics are challenging and those that may need some private tuition. Students get a feedback on how much they have learnt only after examinations. By the time the results arrive, the teaching/learning terms are over and students are promoted to the next grade where their struggles continue to compound. In the meantime, students may lose self-confidence and interest in their studies. 


mVuli Academy comes to the rescue of both the students and parents by giving them world-class course materials and detailed monitoring of the learning process through immediate comprehensive assessment!

Self-assessment on every pages of the lessons and collation of results presents a clear picture of the learning process. All this is available to parents and the students. They can now make confident, informed and timely decisions.


Parents  can create their personal Family Study group in which the children are registered and allocated their subjects. Thus the older siblings an support the younger ones in their studies.

Parents may support their relatives by including them in their study group and offering them access to the courses. Studying together and helping one another strengthens the bonding between the youngsters and promotes the values of sharing and caring.


This special feature of mVuli Academy allows you to connect your personal ZOOM account to your Family Study Group and use it from within the mVuli Academy Platform. It will transform the learning space in to an audio-visual classroom. Zoom gives you a whole range of options to create an exciting and engaging learning space within your own group. You may engage a Group Tutor to help the students, schedule tutorials, etc.

Quality Courses at Affordable prices

mVuliAcademy offers k-12 standard courses based on the renowned and world No 1 education methodology from Finland. Multiple courses are packages in subjects to give full freedom to students to learn at their own pace.

Collaborative Platform

mVuli Academy allows teachers, tutors, parents, relatives, sponsors to come together on a common platform to support the education of the students in realtime.

Courses have hundreds of engaging videos, audios, games, quizzes etc for students to enjoy learning.

Your Guide to Setting up your own Family Study Group

Step 1

Explore mVuli Academy

Familiarise yourself with the general features of the mVuli Academy as an online education portal with advanced LMS, Social Learning and comprehensive international standard courses in Mathematics and Sciences.

About mVuli Academy

Find out more about the courses from Learnetic, course syllabus, Assessments, Study groups, Sponsorships available etc
Explore mVuli Academy

Step 2

Review course packages

Review the syllabus of the Primary or Secondary course packages relevant to your subjects and grade. You may download the PDFs.

Review the course packages

Review the syllabus of the Primary or Secondary course packages relevant to your subjects and grade. You may download the PDFs.
See Primary Maths Courses

Step 3

Register on mvuli Academy

Register into mVuli Academy to become a member. Confirm your registration via the link emailed to you. Sign-in and complete your profile, add your photo, and review your account details.

Register on mvuli Academy

Only registered users will be able to access courses. Select “PARENT” during registration.
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Step 4

Setup Family Study Group

Parents may setup their own family study group and purchase courses for their students.

Setup Family Study Group

Select a suitable name for your family group and register fro Free using the link below.
Register Family Study Group

Step 5

Purchase courses

Now purchase courses for your children. Your courses will be added to your family classroom for allocation to your children. See next tab for this.

Purchase Courses

Now purchase courses for your children using the link below.

Ensure to first select your family Study Group
Buy Courses

Step 6

Manage Family Study Group

Interact with your family members via chat, forums etc

Manage My Family Study Group

Add you children and allocate them the courses. Your children will access their courses using their own email ids.
Manage My Family Study Group

Step 7

Request for sponsorship for Your Child

If you cannot afford to buy a course, you may request for sponsorship using your child’s account.

Note that this request must be made after logging into your child’s account

Request for sponsorship

The information will be available only to sponsors and mVuli Admin. Interested sponsors may contact you via email if they need additional information.
Apply for sponsorship

Step 8

Connect with Children

Interact with your family members via chat, forums etc

My Family Group

You now have full access to all social learning features such as connections (friends), forums, messages, groups, invitations etc.
My Family

Step 9

Manage My Account

mVuli Academy gives you full control to manage your account such as view your orders, manage subscriptions, add/remove students, manage courses, manage payment methods, make referrals, change passwords, etc.

Manage My account

Visit “My Account” to manage your view orders, manage subscriptions, add/remove students, manage courses, manage payment methods, change passwords, etc.
Go to My Account

Step 10

Use the platform only for educational purposes.

mVuli Academy must not be used for any non-educational or improper purpose.

Use the platform only for educational purposes.

Please ensure your family uses the chats, forums, etc only for educational purposes.
See terms and conditions

Preview sample lessons

These 19 sample lessons from all the mVuli courses are for you to preview how the lessons contents, assessments etc are presented.

Preview Sample Lessons

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