Primary Mathematics

Primary Mathematics

An interactive math curriculum for Grades 1 to 6

The entire Primary Math! courseware has been prepared on the basis of the renowned methodology devised in Finland. This new and revolutionary material is a comprehensive set of highly interactive digital lessons which addresses children’s numeracy skills at the initial levels of their math education. In Fiji, the package is suitable for up to grade 8 of regular math learning and helps develop pupils’ creativity and their overall math skills.

The whole material has been specially designed to keep the youngest motivated at all times. The learners are awarded after successfully completing each exercise, page and lesson. The courseware is full of colourful multimedia assets and gamification features that often place mathematical problems into real-life situations.

Primary Mathematics

Based on the education methodology of Finland

  • Heavily discounted
  • 12 Courses
  • For grades 1 to 6

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Overview of Primary Maths

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Detailed Table of Contents
Unique Features
Detailed Table of Contents

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Unique Features

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