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mVuli Academy is a collaboration elearning and teaching platform providing world-class online Primary and Secondary level Mathematics and Science courses and social learning tools to support education in Fiji. The student-focused learning experience integrates high quality courses, real-time assessment, interactive group learning experience and community support, all in one platform. 

mVuli Academy uses a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Social Learning Platform to bring together all stakeholders to support the education of the students. Now students, parents, teachers, sponsors and school managements have the freedom to access and support quality education for anyone in Fiji, from anywhere and at anytime.

mVuli Academy is for learners, parents and teachers exclusively in Fiji.

Key Features

mVuli Academy’s own Social Learning Platform, very similar to Facebook, adds a new dimension to digital education by engaging various stakeholders in a collaborative way to enhance the delivery of education for the modern technology-savvy generation of students. When students register on mVuli Academy, a personal account is created giving them their personalised profile, timelines, forums, activities, charts, messages, groups, notifications, etc. They can join study groups and interact with their group members, mentors, tutors, etc. Only registered and logged-in students in Fiji can access the courses.

mVuli Academy uses a professional Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver courses, lessons and assessments. It also generates reports, monitor progress, gives certifications to manage the teaching and learning process. The LMS, coupled with social learning functionalities, provides a very engaging educational ecosystem.

mVuli Academy has acquired the full mCurriculum and Primary Mathematics packages from Learnetic, a renowned European digital education content developer. The course contents and presentations are of a very high standard and challenge the students to get a feel of the international standards in education. The mVuli courses are especially recommended for students who aspire to study and work globally in future.

The mVuli subject packages are assembled in such a way as to give full freedom and flexibility to the students to learn at their own pace and according to their own capacity. For example, the Primary Maths package consists of 12 courses covering grades 1 to 6. Thus, fast learners are not held back from proceeding to the higher level courses while students needing revision have the freedom to access lessons from the lower grade until they are ready to move to the next level.

Each course has a large number of lessons. Each lesson has multiple pages. Each page has texts, audio and video presentations on the topic, followed by activities and self-assessments for the students to immediately find out if they have grasped the concepts correctly. At the end of the lesson, the students get a summary of their performance. Students may repeat the lessons before moving on or return to revise them. All data is saved on the Learning Record System (LRS) which generates infographics and feedback for teachers and parents to intervene if needed to support the student. Detailed performance results are visible at both individual lesson or course levels.

mVuli Academy offers and promotes a group learning environment. Groups can only be formed by sponsors,  registered teachers or group leaders who can then invite their students to join the group and manage their activities. Thus, parents, teachers and sponsors can now form their own online groups to collaborate in the learning process. Students are informed that anyone who uses these social learning features for non-education purposes will be suspended from the groups.

With the above student-centred learning, the role of teachers is changed to learning-guides, mentors, moderators and facilitators of the learning process. Teachers can give assignments from the mVuli lessons to support the classwork in school and follow the performance of the students in their assessment. This will enable teachers to quickly identify which students need additional support and specifically in which topics.

mVuli Academy comes with Zoom integration feature for teachers who wish to take online classes. Teachers can integrate their own Zoom accounts with their groups. 

In the school system, parents receive only the report cards after the term examinations which does not reveal any details of the students learning. As such they are not well informed enough to timely intervene with support such as arranging private tuition etc. With mVuli Academy, parents can monitor in great detail the progress of the student and make timely interventions to provide assistance where needed.

The mVuli Academy allows School Managements, Families, Employers, relatives abroad etc. to establish their own Education Groups to support the education of students.

mVuli Academy offers 1774 eLessons in 22 courses. Instead of offering individual courses, we have bundled them into 5 subject packages. Each package covers the syllabus for a range of years so that the students have full freedom to take up the lessons according to their grades and learning capacity. The packages are offered at highly discounted annual subscriptions. It is recommended that students take the guidance of their subject teachers to identify suitable lessons for their use.

mVuli Academy offers an easy option to gift a course subscription to students simply by entering their email id. The recipient students will receive an email and access to the courses.

Empowered mVuli Users

Empowered Students

Everyone learns differently. Take control of your own learning process using highest standard, interactive, fun courses based on the k-12 international standard curriculum. Collaborate online with your friends and teachers.

Empowered Parents

Do not remain just a spectator to the education of your children. Get personally and actively involved. Register your own family Study group and allocate courses to them.Follow their progress and challenges and support them better.

Empowered Teachers and School Managers

Primary and Secondary Maths and Science teachers and School managers in Fiji can use the world-class curriculum and digital platform to setup their private teaching and tutoring classrooms.

Empowered Sponsors

Ex-students, relatives abroad or businesses can sponsor students in Fiji in various ways via mVuli Academy and follow their progress. Sponsors may select students from those who have requested for sponsorship.

Primary & Secondary Maths and Science Packages

Interactive Maths Curriculum for Grades 1 to 6

Maths and Science Curriculum for Grades 9 to 13

Course Package Summaries



$100 for 1 year


$100 for 1 year


$100 for 1 year


$100 for 1 year


$100 for 1 year